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as of Jul 23, 2010

Framing Wood

Home Depot

Spruce(S) 2x4 x8' (KD)premium/gr 2 or better na/2.97
2x3x 8 2.37
Spruce(S) 2x4x 92 5/8KD,10,12',14',16' 2.77/3.71/4.45/5.19/5.94
3 5/8" x 8' Steel stud/10' track na
Spruce(S) 2x6 Prem(KD)x8' 5.10
S 2x6 -92.5/8,10',12',14',16' 4.33/6.38/7.65/8.92
Spruce 2x8 prem(KD)x10' 7.97
S 2x8 -8',10',12',14',16' 6.38/7.97/9.56/11.15/12.74
Spruce 2x10 prem(KD)x12' 12.37
S 2x10 -10,14',16' 10.31/14.44/16.50
Spruce 2x12 (KD SPF>2)x 12',16' 18.59/24.27
Spruce 2x10x16 KD 16.50


Home Depot

OSB 5/8 T&G 4x8 na
Spruce 3/8" 4x8 14.47
Spruce 1/2"/5/8/3/4- 4x8 19.97/24.97/28.97
Aspenite OSB 7/16" 4x8 11.97
Aspenite OSB T &G 5/8/3/4" 4x8 17.97/20.97
Spruce 5/8" 4x8 T&G 24.97
1 inch Code Board (pink)4x8


Home Depot

Pressure Treated(PT) 2x4-8'/10'/12'/16' 6.15/na/8.36/11.15
PT 2x2 x8 3.35
PT 2x6-8'/10'/12'/14'/16' 8.57/10.71/12.86/na/17.15
PT 2X8-8'/10'/12'/16' 10.80/na/16.20/21.60
PT 2x10-8'/10'/12'/16" 15.42/19.27/23.12/30.83
PT 2X12x12'
PT 5/4-8'/10'/12'/14'/16' 6.49/8.11/9.73/na/12.97
PT 4x4-8'/10'/12' 9.97/12.88/15.44
PT 2x4x8'grooved
4x8 tight lattice 17.75
4x8 open lattice na
1' & 2'x8 tight lattice 4.77/na
1x6x5' /6' PT Fence Boards 2.97/2.44


Home Depot

1/2" 4x8 plain 11.97
1/2" 4x8 plain/aqua 17.53
5/8" 4x8 fire 16.92
4x12 1/2"
4x10 1/2 14.97
4x8 3/8" 11.30


Home Depot

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R12 Pink 15" (88.1sq.ft.)

R13 Roxul

R20 Pink 15" (49 sqft)

R21 Roxul

R28 Pink/R31(42 sqft)

(currently none available)


Home Depot

IKO Aristocrat 25
IKO Armourplus 20
IKO RoyalVic 25
IKO Ren XL 25
IKO Chateau 30
BP Everest 40 yr 26.47/bu
BP Eclipse life warranty 25.47/bu
BP Harmony 35y 24.97/bu
BP Roofmaster25y 22.97/bu
BP Tradition 30y 24.07/bu
BP Rampart 25y 17.97/bu
BP Dakota 25y 17.47/bu
BP Mirage 25 Y 23.47/bu

(currently none available)

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