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You can use this printable flow chart for your building needs. It shows several important issues, including the building process, building sequence and order of inspections. There are 3 routes that can be taken and if you choose to be the "builder" (or not to be). Either way, you can see what would be involved in the whole process. "Initial Organization" and "Ongoing Organization" are probably the most important issues that should be carried out. There is a lot of work in preplanning, pricing, and booking of these contractors before the job starts, that will make the job run smoothly and without delays.

Hire an Architect Build yourself Hire a Builder

Hire Custom Builder
Initial Organization
Quote/hire Framer
Quote/hire Bricklayer
Quote/order Windows
Quote/order Trusses
Quote/hire any other in demand trades to establish timetable i.e. drywallers are "in demand"
Surveyors Plot Plan & Grading/elevations Plan
Inspections @
Framing finished
Plumbing/electrical rough-in
Insulation/vapour barrier
Grading Inspection
If septic - approx. 3 through out
Septic Engineer & report for permit
Obtain building & septic permits
Ongoing Organization
Ongoing Pricing & Hiring - in order of the rest of the flow chart
Surveyor Stakes Lot
Excavation for foundation
1. Waterline or well
2. Septic or municipal
Foundation, dampproof, 10 days dry time, then backfill
Driveway/garage base
Steel beams for bearing
Framer - 2 weeks
Lumber & Trusses
Trench for Hydro/phone to house; Nat. gas line to house
Roofer - 2-3 days
Windows & Doors incl. Garage (locks also)
Bricklayer & Parging - 1-2 weeks
Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC rough-in - 1 week
Temporary Stairs
Wall insulation & vapour barrier - several days
Concrete Floors - 1-2 days
Central Vac & Security Rough-in
Siding, soffit/fascia, & downpipes/gutter - 4 days
Drywall, boarding & taping - 1 week
Caulking - windows/doors
Texture Ceiling - 1 day
Blown in ceiling insulation
Finish Excavation - grade, topsoil, & driveway; lawn
Paint walls & trim (not attached) - several days
Stairs - 1-2 days
Cabinets - Kitchen & Vanities
Trimmer - 7 days
Flooring - ceramic, vinyl, hardwood; screw down floor - several days
Finish paint - trim
Finish plumbing, electrical, & HVAC - several days
Finish Survey
Carpet - 1-2 days

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