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Koressis Legal™ - Making Business Happen ®
Main Service(s): Lawyers
Location: Southwestern Ontario, Toronto (The Exchange Tower 130 King St. West, Suite 1800 Toronto, Ontario M5X 1E3 )

Koressis Legal™ helps individuals and businesses make the right legal and business decisions when drafting tenders and requests for proposals (RFPs), bidding on tenders and RFPs, drafting and negotiating contractual terms & conditions and resolving disputes. We deliver results, not theoretical analysis that leaves you wondering what to do next. Our lawyers have both legal and business expertise within industry, tactical understanding of the law and global business, and trusted relationships with their clients. We believe that the depth of this kind of experience will provide you with the most effective and efficient legal advice and the results that you require.
phone: (416) 720-1624, email: , our website:

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