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See us at our site: Millenium Construction is a company capable of handling all of your framing construction requirements. Millenium is a positive and aggressive organization and our customers satisfaction is our primary concern, and is the most recent member of the G.T.H.B.A.

Main Service(s): Additions, Barn Builders, Builder, Carpentry, Custom Home Builders, Demolition Contractors, Farm Builders/Renovators, Finish Carpenters, Fire Damage Restoration, Framer
Area: Metro Toronto Area, 282 MONARCH AVE 21-A
Phone: 416-822-1632
Fax: 905-426-2223
The owner of Millenium is a second-generation contractor with eighteen (18) years of experience in the building industry, and a total company experience of sixty-four (64) years. The company has been involved in custom homes and addition. However, Millenium has focused its attention primarily on residential construction. To our credit, we have completed a great number of homes and subdivision on a yearly basis, in a timely and professional manner.

We offer full insurance and guarantees on all workmanship. A qualified and licensed tradesman at work at all times. Millenium prides itself on industry and safety knowledge, which is demonstrated daily and we attend the latest safety meetings.

Millenium will provide free estimate that's based upon on site architectural drawings.

We work with many fine home builders, renovators and general contractors.

We're a proud member of Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association Any questions can be filled out at our sites form:


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