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Firepoint Technologies Inc
Provides Approved Fire Safety Plans, First Aid, WHMIS, C.P.R Certification, Bomb Threat Contingency Plan Development, Building Occupant Evacuation Fire Drills, Fire Extinguisher Training & Demonstrations, Floor Fire Warden & Supervisory Team Training, Fire Equipment Efficiency Audit & Assessment, Monthly Fire Equipment Inspection Training, CAD Floor Plan Layout & Building Schematics, Licensed Halon Decommissioning and Disposal.

Main Service(s): Fire Protection, Fire Safety Plan, Inspection Service, Safety Products and Services
Area: Metro Toronto Area, Mississauga Ontario
Phone: 905-612-9201
Fax: 905-612-1073
Our Website:
- A Fire Safety Plan is a road map of fire escapes, fire equipment, and pinpoints where hazardous and explosive materials are located. - Fire Drills "Emergency Evacuation Training" is a simulated escape scenario testing the response time of your buildings occupants. - Floor Warden Training for the leaders of your staff to take charge and minimize chances of loss of life and property. - Fire Extinguisher Training and Demonstration to show proper use of fire extinguisher and testing by extinguishing small fires and prevent them from spreading. - Bomb Threat Contingency Planning and Training to proactively monitor suspicious activity and know what to do about it. - Preventative Maintenance Inspection and Training of the fire protection equipment within your own building. - Annual Fire Equipment Assessment Program to perform the annual inspections and testing once a year of all the fire and life safety equipment within your building.


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