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Firepoint Technologies Inc
We were established in 1997. We develop fire safety plans in accordance with both provincially and federally regulated buildings. We create building floor plan evacuation maps, which also indicate fire department access routes and site plans. We provide the service for fire safety plan submission to local Fire Departments and follow through to the point of approval. We deliver essential solutions to building management for implementation of precise occupant evacuation procedures. We offer a 100% guarantee to achieve full approval of any building classification fire safety plan. We issue editable word documents of the newly developed fire safety plan to allow for instant revisions by clients. We offer a free monthly bulletin containing solutions on fully implementing, and updating fire safety plans. Subscribe to:

Main Service(s): Blueprints, CAD Systems and Drafting Services, Consulting Services, Engineers - Consulting, Fire Safety Plan, Planners, Plans
Area: Southwestern Ontario, 27-180 Wilkinson Road Brampton
Phone: 905-874-9400
Fax: 905-874-9479
Our Website:
Firepointís approved fire safety plans are customized by design, enabling building managers to fully implement specified fire code requirements with confidence and build familiarity of each buildingís emergency supervisory personnel in the event a fire emergency occur in the premises. Firepoint provides building operators and managers with a turnkey program which encompasses developing their fire safety plan and the floor plan evacuation maps, managing its submission to the City Fire Services and follow through to its point of approval. Firepointís fire safety plan platform, once implemented, offers the building management teams a strategy to maximize the effective evacuations of occupants; in addition, it provides fire responders with the critical building fundamentals as they negotiate the building during a fire emergency.


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