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On-The-Bay Construction
On-The-Bay Construction is located on NorthEastern Georgian Bay (Britt,ON.,).The company provides: off-shore building to remote Islands(barging),and standard drive to local locations.We are a general contractor service company."We build everything from the waterline-on-up";docks(steel,pressure treated,cedar),decks,saunas,bunkies,cottages & homes. On-the-Bay Construction also includes renovations(interior/exterior),shingling,painting,windows,doors,etc.We take pride in high quality workmanship with efficiency.Nothing like a good days hard work, with results.We also provide natural landscaping( environmentally tasteful to surrounding areas).We provide cottage management services;opening/closing(waterlines,propane,wood delivery).We also have wind/solar partners.We only work locally(Pt Au Baril-to-French River).Longer distance jobs will require overnight accomodation expenses to be paid.

Main Service(s): Builder, Carpentry, Deck and Patio Builders, Dock, Framing Contractors, General Contractors, Landscape Contractors, Property Maintenance, Renovations, Shingles
Area: Near North and Lakelands Area, Britt
Phone: 705-774-3588/705-346-1660
Our Website:
We have the equipment to work in remote areas ,on big waters.


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