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ABA Building Restoration and A&A Construction Engineering Technologist Services
Reno/Restoration: Commercial; Industrial; Residential;

Main Service(s): Basement Renovations and Finishing, Building Restoration & Preservation, Carpentry, Concrete Restoration, Electrical Contractors, Excavation Contractors, HVAC, Hardwood Floors - New and Refinishing, Paint Contractors, Plumbing Contractors
Area: Southwestern Ontario, Mississauga
Phone: 416-558-8681
Fax: 289-232-1357
Our Website:
We provide: Estimating and Management service. Interior work such as:Demolition; Steel and Wood Framing;Drywall; Plaster; Sanding; Painting;Flooring (carpet/laminate/wood and tiles); Duct work (design and installation); Plumbing work (new and repairs); Electrician (new and repairs)

Exterior work such as:Demolition; Stucco work (new and repairs); Power wash; Caulking; Painting; Landscaping; Fencing etc....


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