Is your company listed? is a nonbiased/nonaffiliated/non-ranking database directory of contractors, architects, engineers, other professionals, builders, construction suppliers and anything or anyone that is related to renovation, contracting, construction, or the building industry. A small example of our contractor profiles include but are not limited to- farm buildings, high rises, homes, docks, decks, cisterns, driveways, pools, landscaping, restorations, repairs, framers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, to pre-engineered buildings and more!

This site was inspired for the need for a consistent comprehensive searchable / researchable tool for the Building community, Government and public to find, background check, hire, tender, quote and price their building needs.

By joining your company:
becomes visible beyond your yellow pages borders;
has online presence on the internet with full colour pictures and extensive company information (beyond the typical yellow page ad) - check out one of our clients profiles!;
has wider visibility on the internet through our search engine registrations marketing;
Did you know over 70% of people use the internet to research their purchasing needs. IS your company listed?

Registration on the database is $60.00/year plus $30.00 initial registration.There are no commissions or other fees but your company would hypothetically pay this for a commission if only one job was brought/referred - so we consider this an exceptional value for our services which will only help & enhance yours. You cannot afford not to have this service.

  • Visa/MC/PayPal payment You will be directed to a secure webspace/server delivered by (an Ebay company) and after successful completion of payment, you will be redirected back to your registration page where you will enter your company's information. If you have any questions or concerns, email
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