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Some renovations are more promising than others when it comes to return on initial investment when it comes time to sell the house. In terms of recovering the money spent on a renovation, the following should give some guidance:

Renovation Average Cost Resale Recovery
Paint $700 200% plus
Add a Bathroom $10,000 96%
Add a Fireplace $4,000 94%
Kitchen Renovation (minor) $8,500 79%
Kitchen Renovation (major) $24,000 70%
Bathroom Renovation $7,500 69%
Add a Skylight $4,000 68%
New Siding $7,500 67%
Add Insulation $1,750 65%
Addition $35,000 62%
New Roof $4,600 61%
Deck $6,000 60%
Greenhouse Addition $17,000 56%
Replace Windows /Doors $12,000 55%
Add a Swimming Pool $24,000 39%
Source: National Association of the Remodeling Industry

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